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Will roadside assistance cover emergency travel and medical incidences?

July 12, 2022

Carl Corder

A transparent roadside assistance plan helps you identify the existing risks of travel emergencies and how your plan will cover them. The best roadside assistance plan is one that fits your needs without any unknowns.

By Carl Corder

The more protections we have while traveling, the more we can relax and enjoy the trip. Consider the many protections dedicated to creating safer, stress-free trips already: navigational tools, automated steering correction, vehicle insurance, even emergency response.

Roadside assistance is one of those protections, too. Offering travelers roadside services like towing and battery jumps, they exist to get stuck travelers back on the road–or provide a way to the service center if the problem is substantial. Roadside assistance is a lifeline in the event of a mechanical problem.

But is that all it does? Roadside assistance is traditionally a mechanical service, not a medical coverage plan. But here we’ll take a look at the different coverages provided to members through different plans, from standard roadside assistance to what is covered in the six unique plans offered through Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

What do roadside assistance plans typically cover?

Many companies offer roadside assistance options. Basic coverage often includes roadside help for your vehicle’s minor mechanical problems–dead batteries, locked-out vehicles, and towing when necessary. These are important services that make otherwise cumbersome and potentially expensive incidents less of a problem for those with roadside assistance.

Common roadside coverages include:

  • Tire repair or replacement in the event of a flat
  • Locksmith services for lost or locked keys
  • Battery jump and/or battery replacement
  • Local towing services through independent providers
  • Emergency fluid replacement like oil or gas

Each of these coverages provide emergency assistance for those stranded–and some providers even offer 24/7 coverage, like Good Sam Roadside Assistance. But the above emergencies each relate to the vehicle, not necessarily the well-being of the passengers.

Dialing 911 should be the first priority for anyone experiencing an immediate situation that threatens their safety.

So what does it mean for the few select roadside assistance plans that provide medical emergency coverage?

Are there any roadside assistance plans that cover medical emergencies?

Medical emergencies for travelers are more complex than for someone at home. For example, what happens to your vehicle if you experience a medical emergency and aren’t able to drive your vehicle back? Especially when you are hundreds if not thousands of miles away? The cost of vehicle return could cost the traveler in an emergency thousands of dollars to have it returned. This is a medical situation that involves a stranded vehicle, too.

Most roadside assistance plans don’t offer any type of coverage for medical-related events. Their priority is offering coverage for traditional breakdowns exclusively, like flat tires and lost keys. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is different than its competitors because it offers a plan based on the coverage you want–including medical emergency coverage.

What happens if there is an emergency medical situation when traveling?

Medical emergencies involve logistical problems and costs, too. Vehicle return, sure. And what about the money you pay for emergency medical evacuation? When the hospital where you are brought doesn’t offer the medical services required, you will often be transported to a more appropriate facility, leaving you to pay the charges.

The Good Sam Roadside Assistance Platinum Complete option offers the following medical emergency assistance:

  • Transportation home after a medical emergency
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • RV/vehicle return
  • Repatriation services
  • Up to $25,000 per event for medical assistance services

When a serious medical event affects you and your travel companions, there are many additional costs that aren’t as widely known. Good Sam is dedicated to finding the plan for you that you know will provide the protection you’re looking for.

The best roadside assistance plan for travelers

A transparent roadside assistance plan helps you identify the existing risks of travel emergencies and how your plan will cover them. The best roadside assistance plan is one that fits your needs without any unknowns. After all, the purpose here is two-fold: to provide you the best roadside assistance while also bringing you the peace of mind that you’re traveling protected in the event of an emergency.

Read more about the individual plans from Good Sam Roadside Assistance and see which might offer you the best coverage.

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