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Travel trailers2, autos, motorcycles, and boat trailers

Multiple RVs (motorized, fifth wheels and travel trailers)

Sports and utility trailers

Leased, rented, and borrowed vehicles


Dependent children

Unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center (US & Canada)

Towing to the nearest service center or the destination of your choice, up to 100 miles

Towing and roadside services in Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands





RV mobile mechanic dispatch

Flat tire repair service / RV tire delivery

Battery jumpstart service

Emergency fuel and fluids delivery

Trip interruption service





Automotive locksmith service

Operational and technical assistance by certified RV technicians

Emergency medical referral service

AAMCO discounts (15% off retail price up to $150)

Home locksmith service 3

Hotel discounts (up to 20%)

Rental car discounts (up to 25% off)

Assistance selling & buying a vehicle

Concierge service

Restaurant discounts

Emergency medical evacuation

Repatriation of remains

RV/vehicle return after a qualifying medical event

More emergency travel and medical assistance benefits4

Road hazard tire replacement coverage

Road hazard wheel replacement and repair

More tire and wheel road hazard benefits4

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