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My Wife and I had to travel about 200 miles from home this weekend for a funeral, and this morning when we left our hotel we noticed we had a flat tire. We limped it to a gas station, only to find a sign on their air station saying "out of order". It was 1 degree out with a wind chill of around 35 degrees below zero. I attempted to change the tire while my wife attempted to call AAA, whose service we had not cancelled yet since joining Good Sam Roadside Assistance. She called them 3 times only to get the same recording, "We are closed, please call back during normal business hours.” That doesn’t sound like 24/7 emergency service. So she called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and within 10 minutes you got a tow provider out of Claire, WI showed up. They inflated the tire and had me drive it to their shop, fortunately only about a block away, so we could get it inside out of the frigid cold, and take a look at it. Within 10 minutes we were good to go and on our way home. Now that's what I call "Customer Service". You have gained our confidence in Good Sam for life. P.S. my wife also called AAA to cancel our membership as soon as we got back home.

Dennis Busch

We are now (proudly) Standby Sams!

We are brand new to motorhomes and Good Sam, but within only a few days we have become diehard fans and advocates. We did not have tire failure, but we had a dead battery in the mountains between Revelstoke and Golden, BC. We were devastated. Our rig is a used Travelaire and we were in temporary transit back to Alberta to get her registered. At first we were frozen with fear. But then we called the number on our Good Sam key tag. The man who answered was a gem. Within 45 minutes, Bill with Columbia Towing showed up. It was dark and getting cold, but his smile was warm and genuine. He attached jumper cables and our engine fired up. A few words of advice, another smile, and he sent us on our way. Thank you, Good Sam. We are now (proudly) Standby Sams!

Sheree Zielke

Got my money worth out of the membership on the first call

I also have used the GSRSA and with my HDT I have got my money worth out of the membership on the first call, can you imagine the service call I would have had to pay for a truck center which I used Good Sam for to pull my HDY 5 feet out of the mud where I was stuck to hard pavement, oh yeah I would still be paying that bill today so thank goodness for GS Road Service.

Grayling Drummond

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